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We love our cheeses and have a huge range to choose from. From Pancetta to Prosciutto, we have one for every palate.

Angus Beef Salami GF
Very Lightly Smoked 100% Angus Beef, Tasty Mild and Light In Flavour
Australian Prosciutto GF
Australian Pork Salted and Cured for 10 Months
Beef Pastrami GF
Beef coated with Paprika & White Peppercorn Shells
Black Forest GF Smoked
A Lean Low Salt Smokey Flavour
Cacciatore Chemical Free NF GF
Mild & Hot Dry Italian Sausage Better For You
Calabrese Salami GF
A Mild Juicy Well Matured Salami. G/F
Casalingo Salami GF
A juicy Italian salami full of spices.
Cervelat GF
Lightly Smoked German Salami with Mustard Seeds
Chicken Roast House Made NF GF
Roasted By Our Chef Preservative & Nitrite Free
Chilli Crusted Salami GF
A Tasty Hot Chilli Crusted Salami
Classico Salami GF
GF A Mild Juicy Well Matured Salami.
Continental Bacon Spec GF GF
Beach Smoked Dry Cured Pork Belly
Continental Pork Brawn GF Free Range Pork Boiled Then Encased With Gelatine
Coppa Hot Lombo GF
GF,Cured Australian Pork loin Lightly Salted Air Dried
Coppa Capo Collo GF
GF, Cured Australian Pork a Light Salt & Pepper Cure Air Dried
Coppa Mild Lombo GF
GF,Cured Australian Pork loin Lightly Salted Air Dried
Dons Mettwurst GF
Dry salami with a distinctive garlic & pepper notes
Dons White Hungarian GF
GF, Aged Hungarian Salami with a strong flavour & dry texture
Dorsogna Boneless Ham GF
GF Leg Ham, Full Flavoured Lightly Salted
Double Smoked Ham GF
GF, A lean leg ham double smoked for extra flavour
Dutch Beef Brawn GF
Braised Beef Pieces Encased In a Delicate Vinaigrette Jelly
English Organic Ham GF NN
Unprocessed, A German Style Leg Ham Roasted Natural Nitrite
Extra Burning Hot Salami GF
This is Extremely HOT!!!! Keep Out of Reach of Children
Felino Hot GF
A Popular Salami For Platters or for Pizza
Felino Mild GF
A Popular Salami For Platters or for Pizza
Fleischwurst GF
Popular German Sausage Similar to Polony Devon In Texture
Fleischwurst With Capsicum GF
Popular German sausage similar to Polony flavoured with capsicums
Free Range Leg Ham GF
Gluten Free Australian Pork, Low Salt Content
German Leberkase GF
Mild German Meatloaf. Slice thin or fry as a steak
German Salami GF
Popular Gluten Free Salami With No Added Nasties And a Slight Smoke Taste
Gypsy Tiroler
Coarse Ground Beef & Pork, with Green Peppercorn Seeds
Honey Mustard Ham GF NF
Free range leg ham slow roasted with honey & mustard
Hungarian Hot Salami GF
Popular Gluten Free Salami with no added nasties & a spicy finish
Hungarian Mild Salami GF
Popular Gluten Free Salami with no added nasties & a mild finish
Italian Prosciutto GF NF
Imported from Italy, sweet & nutty flavour
Jagdwurst GF
A German Beef & Pork Mixture, Salt Pepper & Mustard Seeds
Kassler Leg Ham GF
A German Style Smoked Leg Ham From Elmars. $65.80/kg
Leberkase GF
Mild German Meatloaf Slice thin or fry
Leberkase With Cheese GF
Mild German Meatloaf With Cheese Slice thin or fry
Leberkasse With Capsicum GF
Mild German Capsicum Meatloaf, Gluten Free
Leg Ham Sliced GF
100% W.A Pork & 98% Fat Free. No artificial Additives
Mettwurst Gyulai GF
Dry Salami With a Distinctive garlic & Pepper Notes
Middle Spec Bacon
Low Salt GF Short Cut, lean & Free Range Smoky Taste
Mortadella Chilli GF
Premium Pork & Beef Mix, Seasoned with Chilli
Mortadella Olives GF
Premium Pork & Beef mix, Seasoned with Olives
Mortadella Plain GF
Premium Pork & Beef mix, Seasoned with Spices
Mortadella With Pepper GF
Premium pork & beef mix, Seasoned with Pepper
Nitrate Free Salami GF NF
This is Preservative Free & Nitrite Free, WA Free Range
Pancetta Flat GF
Seasoned & cured Australian Pork belly
Porketta House Made GF NF
Free Range , Preservative Free, Home Cooked Daily
Quality Polony GF
100% West Australian Pork & Beef With No Added Nasties!
Roast Beef House Made GF NF
Organic, preservative free, cooked in house & sliced
Roast Beef Rare House Made GF NF
Organic Cooked In House Preservative Free
Roasted Leg Ham GF
Hand Made Low Salt Oven Roasted Swiss Style Ham
Rolled Hot Pancetta GF
Italian Style Bacon , Garlic Salt Nutmeg Pepper Cured For 3 Months
Rolled Pancetta Mild GF
Italian Style Bacon, Aged for 3 Months & Cured With Salt, Pepper & Spices
Rosso Hot GF
Hot Italian Salami, seasoned with Fennel & Paprika
Rosso Mild GF
Mild Italian Salami, seasoned with Fennel & Paprika
Schinkenwurst GF
Popular German sausage made from a mixture of Veal & Pork
Schwarzwaelder Ham GF
Tradition Black Forrest Ham, Smoked Over Pine & Dark Caramel
Shaved Leg Ham GF
100% W.A Pork & 98% fat Free. No Artificial Additives
Sherry Apricot Roast Ham GF
Free range leg ham slow roasted with sherry apricot & mustard
Silverside GF
Popular Corn Beef with a Rich Taste.
Smoked Bacon Spec GF
Beach Smoked and Cured Cooked Pork Belly
Smoked Beef GF
A Strong Smokey Beef from Elmars with a Juicy Texture
Smoked Turkey Breast GF
Lean Free Range Smoked Turkey Breast
Somer Salami GF
A Delicate German Salami made by Elmars.
Sopressa Hot Salami GF
Gluten Free HOT Salami With a Moist Texture
Sopressa Mild Salami GF
Gluten Free Salami With a Moist Texture
Spanish Jamon Prosciutto GF NF
Imported Spanish Prosciutto with a Juicy Tender Texture
Popular Coarse Ground German Sausage similar
Truffle Ham GF
Free Range Leg Ham infused With Truffles
Truffle Salami GF
Free Range Australian Pork Infused With Truffles
Turkey Breast Free Range GF
Slow roasted Turkey breast with a slightly smoky taste
Turkey Breast GF
Roasted Turkey Breast With a Light Smoke
Unprocessed Leg Ham G.F
Gluten free leg ham carved straight from the bone
Wagyu Beef Bresciola GF
Low Fat Dry Cured Waygu Beef Done in Light Seasoning