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We love our cheeses and have a huge range to choose from. From Blue to Brie, we have one for every palate.

Aged Gouda
Classic aged Dutch cheese, strong caramels & nutty flavours, very firm
Ambrosia Cheese
Buttery with a Slightly Sharp Flavour
Australian Greek Feta
Greek Style Feta in Brine, Not Too Salty
Bleu de Laqueuille
Cows Milk French Mild Blue Cheese, spicy smooth & tangy
Buffalo Mozzarella
Buffalo Milk Mozzarella Balls Great for Salads
Mixture of French Tripple Cream & Italian Gorgonzola
Cashel Blue
Creamy & firm Irish blue Cheese With a Rich Well Rounded Flavour
Comte Gruyere
A nutty texture and gentle sweet honey flavour, reflecting the milk from cows that graze on the French hill sides
Cropwell Bishop Stilton
Handmade English Stilton, Strong & Crumbly
Danish Esrom
A Piquant Swiss Style Cheese With A Washed Rind Odour
Danish Feta
Very Mild And Creamy, Soft Cows Milk Cheese, Great for Sprinkling Over Salads
Duo de’ Brie aux Truffe
French Cows Milk Brie Centred With Marscarpone And Truffles
Dutch Gouda
Classic young Dutch cheese, mild caramels & nutty flavours
Dutch Leydon
Cows Milk with Caraway & Cumin Seeds Very Strong
Dutch Pradera
Soft Cows Milk Cheese with a pleasant lingering taste
The texture is supple, and the flavour is mild, smooth ,nutty
Very mild semi soft cow’s milk cheese
Fourme d’ Ambert AOC
Pronounced Flavour, Creamy, Bold, and Rich
French Raclette
Presents an intense perfume and a mild nutty, milky flavour.
Fresh Ricotta
Creamy and Soft Cows Milk Ricotta Can Be Used as Cottage Cheese
Fresh Yeast
Beer Fresh Yeast Used for Baking Pizza’s Etc
Goats Gouda
Made in the style of Dutch Gouda with Goats milk
Grano Padano Parmigiano
Cows Milk Hard Granular Cheese Aged 12-24 Months
Heidi Farm Gruyere
Classic Swiss Style ,Cow’s Milk. Nutty & Earthy flavours.
Heidi Farm Raclette
Presents an intense perfume and a mild nutty, milky flavour.
Italian Pecorino
Italian Made Hard Cheese From Sheep +Milk
Jacks Cheddar
Nice and Mildly Sharp Cheddar Cows Milk
Jarlsberg A mild semi-soft cheese made from cow’s milk. A buttery, rich texture with a mild, nutty flavour
La Buche D’Affinois
Silky smooth French cow’s milk cheese. Rich & creamy.
Lamb Chopper Cheese
Firm Creamy pasteurised Sheep's Milk Cheese
Le Conquerant French Grand Washed Rind Camembert
Le Dauphin
A cows’ milk cheese made in the hills of the Rhône Valley, its silky & creamy
Maasdam Cheese
Mild & Slightly Nutty Swiss Style Cheese
Spanish Sheep's Milk Cheese with a Creamy Slight Buttery Texture
Margaret River Vintage Cheddar
Smooth Buttery Texture with a Mild Flavour
Marinated Feta
WA Diced Feta in a Herb & Spiced Marinade
Mersey Valley Cheddar
Crumbly, Mature, Fruity Notes With a Sharp Bite
Midnight Moon
Cooked curd Goats milk cheese, creating sweet, nutty caramel notes with lovely length of palate
Mil Lel Pecorino
Hard Italian cheese, very similar to Parmesan
Millel Romano
Intense Sharp Flavoured Cows Milk Cheese
Mini Chol
Soy Cheese Low Fat, Lactose Free, Low Cholesterol, High in Calcium, Made with Soya bean
Pungent with a soft interior a combination of sweet and savoury tastes separated by an edible ash.
Moulded Dry Ricotta
Creamy and Soft Cows Milk Dried Ricotta
Classic Italian cheese, great for pizza!
Norwegian Ridder
A Washed Rind Cheese With a Sweet Savoury Palate
Parmigiano Reggiano
Cows Milk Hard Granular Cheese Aged 24-30 Months
Queso Valdeon
Spanish Blue Cheese. Intense, salty, spicy and slightly sharp
Sheep Milk, Sweet & Tangy, Strong & Salty
Saint Agur
A mild French Creamy Blue, Very Moist and Should Melt in the mouth.
Shadows Of Blue
Firm Creamy Pasteurised Sheep's Milk Cheese
Shropshire Blue
A Creamy Blue Vein Cheese with Orange Body
Spiced Gouda
Classic Dutch cheese, mild & creamy enhanced with Caraway
Swiss Gruyere
Classic Swiss Style ,Cow’s Milk. Nutty & Earthy flavours.
Walnut Layer
Double Cream Cows Milk Cheese With Mirabo Walnut